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2nd night at 25% off

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Exclusive offers for Privilege members

35 hotels
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Book with a Quebec owned business rather than a multinational company.

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Support independent, local hoteliers.

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Stay at high quality hotels and inns carefully selected.

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The first Quebec online-booking engine allowing multi-region and multi-hotel research.

Discover the Ôrigine network

Largest cooperative of carefully selected independent hoteliers, the Ôrigine network allows you to choose from 35 hotels and inns in 15 regions of Quebec. Find the perfect spring getaways, explore our many packages in promotion, enjoy a 2nd night at 25% off or give the gift-card valid throughout the network.


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1 gift card => 35 hotels and inns

Give the gift of choice among the wide variety of experiences with the Ôrigine gift card, valid in all hotels and inns, as well as many restaurants and spas in the network. The perfect local gift to give!

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Hoteliers across Quebec

Discover our 35 hotels and inns in 15 tourist regions of Quebec.


Privilege Program

  • Get a 2% return on your purchases
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Quebec network of independent inns and hotels

Being the first hotel cooperative in Quebec, Ôrigine artisans hôteliers regroups 35 hotels and inns of choice in 15 tourist regions across Quebec. Carefully selected, member hoteliers offer a wide variety of relaxation, gastronomic, romantic, urban, resort and outdoor experiences.

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Enjoy a springtime package to witness nature's awakening!

Relax at the spa or enjoy your favorite outdoor activities - it's up to you! Be inspired by our wide selection of spring gift packages.

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One gift card → 35 hotels and inns

Offer Quebec as a gift with the Ôrigine network gift card giving access to all the hotels and inns in the network, as well as to many restaurants and spas!

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