Ôrigine Gift-Card

Give the gift of adventures, stories, and memories

Offer flexibility and diversity as a gift! The Ôrigine gift card gives access to the 24 hotels and inns, as well as restaurants and spas.

Minimum amount of 10$
Enter an integer amount between $10 and $100,000
Enter an integer amount between $10 and $100,000

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Discovering Quebec: the ideal present for one and all

The Ôrigine gift-card provides access to all inns, hotels, restaurants, and spas of the network.

An authentic experience

Visiting an Ôrigine establishment means choosing independent Quebec hoteliers who are passionate about their job. The artisans who make up our network offer superior quality accommodation, a very warm welcome, gourmet regional cuisine, relaxation areas, and plenty of outdoor activities.

Discover the Properties

Ask for mail delivery and receive you gift-card at home in a package ready to offer!

Enter an integer amount between $10 and $100,000