Auberge du Lac-à-l'Eau-Claire mauricie

7 Quebec lakeside destinations to discover this summer

There’s nothing more soothing than a vacation by the water, right? This summer, we suggest that you recharge your batteries near the majestic lakes of Quebec, at the artisans of the réseau Ôrigine to get your fill of rest. Discover the province through 7 different lush regions of Quebec!
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The Ôrigine Artisans Hôteliers Gift Card

A unique gift card, just like you! The one that gives you access to all of our hotels, inns, restaurants, and spas. Learn more about the Ôrigine gift card.
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Ôrigine Artisans Hôteliers Packages

Ôrigine artisans hoteliers brings together the best of Quebec hotels and inns on a single platform. Ôrigine packages offer you rich, rewarding, and exclusive experiences tailored to a range of tastes.
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How to Maximize your Experience at the Spa

Many of our establishments offer packages including relaxing at the spa. With this in mind, we thought: Why not regroup in a single article all of the information necessary to maximize your next spa experience?
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How to Enjoy Rainy Days at the Hotel During your Vacation

The inconvenient truth is that your plans are completely dependent on the weather and your activities are subject to last minute changes. We thought of you. Together, we will eliminate once and for all the fear that creates unnecessary anxiety for your yearly vacation, especially when your getaways are supposed to help us relax.
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Waiting for the Winter Solstice

The trees are bare, the rain never seems to stop, the temperature hovers around freezing, the patio furniture is safely tucked away, the pool has been closed up and the Sun comes out less and less every day until the coming solstice. What can you do while waiting?
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Prepare for Winter like a True Mammal

It’s official! Fall has arrived! Animals are busily stocking their pantries and eating as much as they can in order to store up fat and sleep until spring. Are you experiencing this type of insatiable appetite and a desire to snuggle by the fire or burrow deep under a comforter?
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