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Ôrigine artisans hôteliers only collects personal information that you have expressly consented to providing with full knowledge of the facts. This information includes, among others, your real name, your email address, your mailing address, your telephone number, etc.

All information is collected and stored in a secure, monitored manner and access to this information is restricted to certain staff members.

If you have comments or questions about this policy, please send us an email at or call us at 1 800 861-4024. If, at any time, you wish to remove your name from or modify specific information in our files, please email us your request and we will follow up.

Photographs, press releases, biographies and information cards appearing on this site can be downloaded and used for media purposes or for reproduction in authorized tourist brochures only.


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Ôrigine artisans hôteliers uses remarketing for its online advertising, with Google as a third-party provider. This allows Ôrigine artisans hôteliers to improve the ads presented to its clientele, proposing services, tools and solutions based on users' actual needs.

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