Our promise

Ôrigine artisans hôteliers is committed to offering you authentic quality and exceptional moments.

In fact, quality is at the heart of our network. Each of the 20 independent establishments under the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers banner have a distinctive character that is expressed by the unique and unparalleled quality they offer guests. This is the common trait upon which their reputation is built.

In order to protect the authenticity of this quality, members of the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers network are regularly evaluated according to precise standards and criteria that are established by a quality assurance committee comprising industry professionals. “Mystery guest” evaluations are also independently conducted by classification and certification experts from Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec (CITQ).

This evaluation focuses on two fundamental aspects of the service delivery, namely accommodations and the restaurant.

We want every establishment in the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers network to make guests feel “at home”, all the while enjoying a well-deserved and relaxing vacation. It’s the reason why our evaluation looks so closely at the appearance and welcoming aspect of the premises and the comfort of accommodations, as well as whether restaurants meet the highest industry standards.

Evaluation of accommodations comprises:

  • Country-style environment
  • Exterior landscaping
  • Lobby, reception and services

Each establishment must enable easy navigation of the reception area, furniture and premises and display services in the most efficient way possible.

  • On-site activities
  • Personalized welcome

Each owner in our network can confidently claim that what sets their establishment apart is the friendly welcome offered to guests. In truth, each establishment is committed to making guests feel relaxed as soon as they arrive. A major part of our evaluation thus looks at the services provided by employees and, of course, whether a smile is part of that service.

  • Guest room and bathroom

When you stay at an establishment in our network, the room must become an oasis of comfort, relaxation and rest from the moment you open the door. Consequently, this crucial aspect of the service offer constitutes a quarter of the evaluation. We assess every element that contributes to your well being: from the room area to the heating system, from lighting to decoration, all the way down to the hangers, extra pillows, etc.

Evaluation of the restaurant comprises:

  • Physical appearance of the dining room, general ambience
  • Furniture and lay-out
  • Staff

A successful meal depends on the quality of the dishes, as well as the service offered. Therefore, we evaluate the courtesy, attention, professionalism, capacity to listen and dress of all restaurant staff at each establishment.

  • Respect of service standards

You are excited to eat your delicious meal and experience the many flavours with a good bottle of wine, but perhaps you don’t know which one to choose. There are experts on hand to help you and we certainly assess their knowledge and description of food-wine pairings in our evaluation. We also observe how orders are taken, wait service, bussing of tables, wine services, etc.

  • À la carte and table d’hôte menus, wine list

Different menus and their respective dishes must be clearly presented. Also, the wine list must be laid out in a professional manner and offer wines that are actually available.

  • Served dishes

Much like with the room in the accommodations portion, the meal draws the greatest amount of attention during the restaurant evaluation. Ôrigine artisans hôteliers is reputed for its gastronomy and we intend to maintain this momentum! Each dish served must be a success and so we focus particularly on presentation and the overall quality (flavours and taste, quality and freshness, cooking, texture and consistency, temperature).


  • Quality Audit

Within the framework of a regular quality audit of the services provided by the properties of Ôrigine artisans hôteliers are inspected at least once every two years. A quarterly review of guest comment forms and the processing of guest correspondence & complaints are additional quality tracking tools. Failure to comply with the quality criteria as established by these different tools and procedures can result in a decision by the Board of Directors to exclude a member. This decision may also be taken if the different standards laid down by Ôrigine artisans hôteliers are not complied with.


Benoît Pigeon, Directeur Général
1 800 861 4024