Ôrigine artisans hôteliers Privilège Program User Agreement

The present agreement is effective beginning in February 2010 and cancels any other program conditions or documents that may have been in effect before that date.


Privilège Card User Agreement

This agreement (the agreement) is entered into between the manager of the Privilège Program (Québec Resorts and Country Inns) and you (the Privilège client), and it describes the terms and conditions governing the use of the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers Privilège Card (the Privilège Card). By using the Privilège Card, clients agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, which are subject to change at any time without notice.


Privilège Card

The Privilège Card can be used exclusively at all Ôrigine artisans hôteliers member establishments for accommodations and most packages offered by the member establishments. For information on the services and activities the Privilège Card covers, contact the appropriate member establishment directly. The Privilège Card is, and shall remain, the property of Ôrigine artisans hôteliers throughout the life of the program. Ôrigine artisans hôteliers is the manager of the program, and reserves the right to terminate or modify the Privilège Program at any time without notice.


Québec Resorts and Country Inns Member Establishments

The list of Ôrigine artisans hôteliers member establishments is updated every year on April 1. Some establishments may be removed from the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers group and others may be added on the 1st day of April each year. For the current list of member establishments, and to obtain the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers guide for the current year, visit our website at www.originehotels.com/en or call 1-800-861-4024.


Enrolling in the Privilège Program

To enrol in the Privilège Program, applicants must either fill out the appropriate form obtainable from any member establishment and present it at the reception desk, or go to www.originehotels.com/en/privilege and fill out the online form. Enrolment in the program is free and must be performed on an individual basis, i.e. one enrolment per person. The Privilège Program is strictly reserved for personal use. Privilège clients receive their personalized Privilège Card 6 to 8 weeks after enrolling, along with the terms of use outlining how to earn Privilège points, the conditions under which points can be redeemed, and other conditions and aspects of the Privilège Program. Privilège clients are required to read these conditions carefully prior to starting to earn Privilège points.


Value of Privilège Points

Each Canadian Dollar (before taxes) spent in a Ôrigine artisans hôteliers member establishment entitles the client to 10 Privilège points. The value of Privilège points may change without notice. Privilège points may carry a higher value during special promotions. Ôrigine artisans hôteliers assumes no liability toward Privilège clients for changes to rewards or the withdrawal of an establishment from the network.


Privilège Rewards

Clients can trade in the points they earn with their Privilège Card for the purchase of products and services from the network's member establishments, i.e. accommodations, meals, and packages, as well as all activities offered on sites owned by the establishments.


Earning Privilège Points

Privilège clients must present their Privilège Card when settling the bill in order to earn points. A minimum of $25 expenses is required to earn Privilège points. Points cannot be earned retroactively. Points cannot be earned for stays occurring prior to enrolment in the program. Portions of stays paid for with Ôrigine artisans hôteliers gift certificates or gift cards do not entitle clients to earn Privilège points. The points balance increases with every use of the Privilège Card, and the total number of points in the account appears on the bill after each use. Points can only be credited to one program at a time. The earning of Privilège points cannot be combined with any other promotion, and does not apply to preferred rates as determined by the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers member establishments. Points earned on more than one account cannot be consolidated. Points cannot, under any circumstances, be ceded, bequeathed, or transferred. Privilège points have no monetary value and under no circumstances can they be converted into cash. When points fail to be credited to an account, Privilège clients are required mail the original bill to Ôrigine artisans hôteliers within 60 days following the transaction date, making sure to provide their Privilège Card number and to identify themselves. The points will be added to the account upon validation of the information. The member establishments, together with Ôrigine artisans hôteliers, set out the conditions under which Privilège clients are entitled to their rewards. Said conditions can be changed at any time without notice. The member establishments and Ôrigine artisans hôteliers shall not be liable for any Privilège points offers no longer in effect.


Trading in Privilège Points for Privilège Rewards

Points can only be redeemed through the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers network and its member establishments. Privilège points earned for a particular transaction cannot be applied to the same transaction. They can only be used for a future transaction. Upon visiting one of the establishments in the network, Privilège clients must simply present their Privilège Card and inform the reception desk staff that they wish to use their points to pay for their purchase in whole or in part. Privilège points will be debited from the card when the payment is made.


Transactions Exceeding the Value of Earned Points

For a transaction that exceeds the balance of points in the Privilège Card account, clients can combine the use of points with another form of payment accepted by the establishment where the Privilège Card is being used.


Privilège Point Balance Inquiries

To inquire about the point balance available on their Privilège Card, clients must go to www.originehotels.com/en/privilege and enter their card number and the password they created when updating their account information. Said balance can also be obtained by calling 1-800-861-4024. Anyone in possession of the card number and password has unrestricted access to the Privilège client's account, can change the address on the account, and redeem Privilège points earned by the client. Privilège clients are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of their password.


Privilège Card Expiration

Privilège Cards must be used at least once every 2 years to remain active. Privilège Cards that are inactive for 24 months are cancelled without notice. Any points accumulated on expired cards are also nullified. Expired cards are no longer valid and any transactions involving the use of said cards will be refused.


Communications Policy

A detailed description of the Privilège Program and promotional offers can be obtained from the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers website at www.originehotels.com/en/privilege. Clients with a valid email address receive periodic newsletters. Privilège clients are responsible for keeping up to date with the terms of the program, how the program works, and their account balance.



Any personal information pertaining to a Privilège Card account is only released to the account holder.


Lost or Stolen Privilège Cards

When a Privilège Card is lost or stolen, Privilège clients can request a replacement card, on the condition that they can provide the number of the lost or stolen Privilège Card and identify themselves. A replacement Privilège Card will be activated and loaded with the number of points available on the lost or stolen Privilège Card at the time of replacement. A $10 service fee plus applicable taxes is charged to issue the replacement Privilège Card. Under no circumstances is Ôrigine artisans hôteliers liable for the fraudulent use of a lost or stolen Privilège Card.


Terminating, Modifying, and Dismantling the Program

Ôrigine artisans hôteliers reserves the right to terminate the Ôrigine artisans hôteliers Privilège Program at any time, in which case, it will notify Privilège clients through its website of the program's termination and of the terms respecting the use of any points available on the Privilège Cards. Ôrigine artisans hôteliers also reserves the right to modify this agreement and any aspect of the program, including booking conditions, redemption procedures, and rewards, without notice, even if some of the changes could alter the value of Privilège points already earned. For a copy of the current agreement or more information on the Privilège Program, Privilège clients can go to www.originehotels.com/en/privilege or call 1-800-861-4024.


Protecting Personal Information

Protecting the privacy and the confidentiality of the personal information of Privilège clients is a fundamental principle of the relationship binding Ôrigine artisans hôteliers, its member establishments, and Privilège clients. Below are the measures taken by Ôrigine artisans hôteliers and its member establishments to ensure the protection of Privilège clients' information.

  • Ôrigine artisans hôteliers and its member establishments collect personal information for the following purposes:
    • To administer the Privilège Program and manage Privilège client accounts, i.e. recording and updating Privilège account balances.
    • To process point redemptions requested by Privilège clients.
    • When required, to issue Privilège client, member establishment, and supplier account statements.
    • To communicate information and offers to Privilège clients.
    • To understand and analyze Privilège client responses, needs, and preferences.
    • To develop, improve, market, and offer products and services aimed at satisfying said needs.
    • To enable Privilège clients to enter promotions and contests.

Ôrigine artisans hôteliers and its member establishments may, on occasion, ask Privilège clients to voluntarily supply additional personal information. Privilège clients are free to decline such requests without affecting their right to earn or redeem Privilège points.

  • Ôrigine artisans hôteliers and its member establishments do not disclose, sell, or rent the list of Privilège clients to organizations or individuals other than the firms contracted to process and manage Privilège client transactions, point redemption requests, and communications.
  • Ôrigine artisans hôteliers and its member establishments also respect the privacy of Privilège clients during the course of promotional campaigns involving their products and services. Privilège clients who prefer not to receive marketing or promotional communications (whether electronically, in print, or verbally) can notify the program's manager in writing at the following address: Ôrigine artisans hôteliers, 450, Chemin de Chambly, bureau 100, Longueuil (Québec) J4H 3L7, Canada. Privilège clients can also contact Ôrigine artisans hôteliers by email at info@originehotels.com or by phone at 1-800-861-4024. This in no way compromises the ability of Privilège clients to earn or redeem Privilège points.



This agreement may differ from the Privilège client's knowledge of the Privilège Program. It constitutes the entire agreement between Ôrigine artisans hôteliers and Privilège clients pertaining to enrolment in the Privilège Program, entitlements to redeem and earn Privilège points, and the other advantages to which Privilège clients are entitled under the terms of the Privilège Program. It supersedes any prior agreements. No conditions, declarations, or guarantees, explicit or implicit, legal or otherwise exist, other than those expressly articulated in this agreement. Privilège clients who interact with Ôrigine artisans hôteliers via the Internet agree to maintain contractual ties electronically.