Traditionally, Easter is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to The Canadian Encyclopedia, Canadians “commonly refer to Easter as the period from Good Friday through Easter Monday.” Today, Easter is seen as an opportunity to get together with loved ones.

8 april 2019

Stretching from the Outaouais region to Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, The Christmas Market Route brings together the best Christmas markets in Quebec under the Regroupement des Marchés de Noël du Québec umbrella.

30 november 2018

Organizing a professional seminar is one of the easiest ways for a company to start building a professional training and personal development program for employees. Many regions of Quebec offer landscapes of stunning natural beauty and organizing your professional seminar in a place outside the major urban centres is a sure-fire way to step outside the regular office routine. A change of surroundings helps to create an inspiring atmosphere conducive to creative exchanges.

28 november 2018

Autumn in Quebec comes with an abundance of flavours to experience, an array of earthy aromas scenting the crisp air, and an explosion of warm colors – particularly vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Farmers’ fields abound with riches. Orchards are heavy with fruit. Autumn in Quebec is the perfect time for long mountain hikes and meandering bike tours on country lanes.

19 october 2018

The Ôrigine artisans hoteliers beacon has been shining across Quebec for 28 years. Formerly known as Hôtellerie Champêtre, the Ôrigine artisans hoteliers network remains a selection of twenty exceptional hotels and inns present in 10 regions of Quebec. Members of the network have been carefully selected and offer visitors phenomenal vacation experiences.

5 october 2018

The Ôrigine artisans hoteliers network offers more than 100 thematic all-inclusive vacation packages. The eight themes are designed for a variety of interests to provide rich, rewarding, and exclusive experiences for all. Every Ôrigine package experience is backed by first-rate accommodation, warm hospitality, local gastronomy, relaxation lounges, and outdoor activities for everyone, no matter your age.

5 october 2018

Ôrigine artisans hoteliers brings together the best of Quebec hotels and inns on a single platform and is committed to providing top-notch accommodation, the warmest of welcomes, local gastronomy, and opportunities for relaxation and outdoor activities to suit a variety of interests. Ôrigine packages offer you rich, rewarding, and exclusive experiences tailored to a range of tastes.

14 september 2018

A unique gift card, just like you! The one that gives you access to all of our hotels, inns, restaurants, and spas.

14 september 2018