Team building, know what it is?

A few decades ago, we were just starting to explore the correlation between work conditions and productivity. At the time, this newfound interest mostly focused on “physical” work conditions, such as room temperature, lighting and break times.

4 november 2019

The trees are bare, the rain never seems to stop, the temperature hovers around freezing, the patio furniture is safely tucked away, the pool has been closed up and the Sun comes out less and less every day until the coming solstice.

1 november 2019
gastronomy, Baluchon, eco-villegiature

Are you a great fan of gastronomy, fine cuisine and refreshing culinary experiences? So are we!

There is no better experience than to connect with your loved one over a meal.

1 august 2019
Auberge Lac à l'Eau Claire, room, standard

We strongly believe that summer vacations come with a combination of both excitement and fear. You are obviously stoked to discover new things, temporarily escape from your daily routine and take a break from your usual responsibilities. Yet you still dread the moment you look at the weather forecast, only to find out that the rain is going to ruin the majority of your vacation. The inconvenient truth is that your plans are completely dependent on the weather and your activities are subject to last minute changes.

28 july 2019

Many of our establishments offer packages including relaxing at the spa. With this in mind, we thought: Why not regroup in a single article all of the information necessary to maximize your next spa experience? This information gold mine applies to any trip to the spa.

You might ask yourself what to bring, or what state of mind to be in. What should you expect? How to act? We thought of everything for you: follow us!

15 july 2019

Family summer vacations are long-awaited events. Maybe yours was already planned a long time ago, or maybe you have not decided yet. In the latter, you have multiple choices: the classic trip to the United States, take a plan to an exotique destination or even discovering the overlooked regions of Quebec.

1 july 2019
Beach Gaspesie

For those who have experienced a trip to Gaspesie before can remember it like it was yesterday. As for others, this mythical destination is probably a trip on your bucket list. 

22 june 2019
Auberge West Brome, picnic, summer

If you are planning to escape on a romantic trip during a weekend, it is probably because you both need to reconnect away from the noisy city.

18 june 2019

Traditionally, Easter is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to The Canadian Encyclopedia, Canadians “commonly refer to Easter as the period from Good Friday through Easter Monday.” Today, Easter is seen as an opportunity to get together with loved ones.

8 april 2019

Stretching from the Outaouais region to Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, The Christmas Market Route brings together the best Christmas markets in Quebec under the Regroupement des Marchés de Noël du Québec umbrella.

30 november 2018